Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Well I'm surely imPRESSed!!

Ohhh my. Where to start with these beauties?! Well a few days ago Dulce Candy hauled these press on nails I didn't think much of it. When I actually saw them in Rite Aid I thought "hey why not give them a shot!" I mean they did claim to last an entire week so I chose the color "tweetheart". So the very next moment I was able to apply them, I did. Here's the step by step for what I personally did:
1. I removed all the nail polish from my manicure before and made sure my nails were nice and clean.
2. Using the enclosed prep pad (which is just a rubbing alcohol wipe) I wiped off all my nails so they were oil free.
3. I sized the nails to my actual nails and laid out all 10 fingers. Although very few nails were a 100% match, I still got most to be a very close match.
4. Using the little tab, I peeled off the protective coating of the sticky adhesive. When first starting this was very easy but as you apply more and more nails it's a little hard to grip. Next time I may just grab some pliers to make it super easy to remove the protective layer.
5. I then placed each nail onto my respective nail without pressing too hard. Once I was sure it was lined up I squeezed it down and even had my boyfriend give an extra squeeze to each nail to make sure they were REALLY on there.
6. And that was it!!! No drying time, no problems, just super perfect nails!

I applied these nails 3 days ago, and they appear to last the whole 7 days as the product suggests. I have baked, washed dishes, cleaned, packed and unpacked my suitcase, moved back into my apartment at college, showered every night, and done any other everyday activity you can think of that could possibly damage a nail and these have remained perfect! Back in high school I would go and get acrylic nails for a very heft price. I never really loved the shape or the thickness of them, but because it made my nails strong and allowed for polish to stay on for weeks I would continue getting them done. These nails are less than a fraction of the price of professional nail services and in my opinion look better than going to a salon! They're not too thick, not too long, just perfect.

I will most definitely be going back to purchase more. Let me know if you are going to/have tried these and if so be sure to check out their website and receive a $1 off coupon!

Here's some more pictures just because I love the results :)

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