Friday, June 17, 2011

Everything Happens for a Reason

I have always been one to practice what I preach. One of the ideals that I always remind my friends and family of is that "everything happens for a reason". Sometimes it's to reassure a friend that a rejection is a stepping stone to the next, most likely better, relationship. Or sometimes it's to reassure a family member that a bad grade on a test will cause them to study harder and in the long run that grade will cause them to have an A in the class. Well today I witnessed that everything does happen for a reason. I was taking pictures of my jewelry for about an hour and when I had finally finished getting shots of just the right angle for every piece I uploaded them to my computer...or so I thought. After I deleted my backup on the memory card thinking "oh, I don't need these copies anymore!" I realize that only about twenty of my 400+ pictures had been copied over... Why? Well I really don't know, but I was FURIOUS. Not only would I need to retake all the pictures but it has just started down pouring, hailing and the lightening was so close to our house that the thunder was practically heard before you saw the lightening. As I was looking out my window hoping that the rain would die down so I could go back out and photograph my boyfriend logged on skype. I was whining and complaining to him about how I was so upset about how mad I was when he reminded me that everything happens for a reason, and that when the rain went away I would probably get even better pictures. At the moment I didn't accept that and once the rain cleared a still unhappy me went out and re-photographed my jewelry. After another hour or so I went back to download the pictures and to my amazement they came out great! I had better ideas of where and what to photograph, and the little raindrops left on the leaves added even more interest to my earrings and bracelets! My boyfriends comments were still ringing in my mind and boy oh boy was he right!

If I ever have to go through something like that again I definitely will remind myself that yeah it really sucks right now...but its for a reason. Even though I doubt my computer and memory card decided together "hey these aren't Haley's best pictures. She can do much better so lets test her!" Sucking it up, waiting, and retaking all the pictures was well worth it.

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