Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Review: Almay Smart Shade Concealer

A few months ago I found myself poking around Ulta because was in need of a new concealer. After quite a few minutes contemplating which would be the best, and reading tons of labels, I decided on this one. It was $10, but like always, I used the spend $10 get $3.50 off. What drew me to it was the price, considering most other concealers were around $15, and the fact that it blended perfectly to my shade (although I was quite skeptical). On their website they state "take the guesswork out of finding the right shade of concealer. concealer instantly adjusts to your perfect shade. breakthrough shade-sensing technology starts out white and adjusts to right. conceal minor imperfections on face and dark circles under eyes. antioxidant blend of grape seed, ginseng and ginkgo biloba nurtures your skin. for a beautiful, natural finish every time." Yeah, not quite..   The next day when I used it I realized that it does blend into a differnt color than what first comes out of the tube, but not to your EXACT shade as Almay claims. When I blended it into my under eye area I noticed that right around the edges I would get a very apparent orange ring. My friends would tell me that they could see it even when I blended it to the best of my abilities. I found using a makeup wipe was the only way to remove the orange ring. I'll show you what I mean:
This is what it looks like straight out of the tube. You can see the tiny flecks of what looks almost like cinnamon. Those are the capsules that release pigment with friction.
When you first blend it out you can see a dark liquid which does not mix with the white creamy product. It looks almost like self tanning lotion splattered on regular lotion. You can also see the edges of the product which are very orange.
This is the product completely blended. It is a solid color because it is still very thick. The edges have not been blended out, which you must do when blending in the under eye area.

What do I think of this product? Well as a under eye concealer, I dislike it very much. But! When I want medium coverage I put a little bit in with my lotion and mix it all up on my fingers before I blend it on my face. It creates a very nice tinted moisturizer with no orange bits! I love using it this way, so I do not completely dislike the product.
Have you tried this concealer? Did you like it, or did you have the same results as me? Thanks for reading!

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