Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So lets talk about something I love...

My dogs. I could possibly argue that no one out their loves their dogs as much as I love my two, but I'm not a confrontational person. My two pups, Nibby and Iason mean the world to me. When I am at college I come home to see them because I miss them more than my home. They have such different personalities not only from each other, but from all other dogs. Iason is a very independent individual who will only give you the time of day when he feels its appropriate, but deep down he is always longing for attention and loves everyone unconditionally. Nibby, on the other hand, will show you outright just how much he loves to be around you with endless kisses and snuggles. Together they create the best pair of puppies anyone could ever ask for.

They are both "rejects" from The Seeing Eye Puppy Raising Program. Nibby had a fear of disembodied voices while Iason pulled too hard (and still does..). But now they are happy household pets who bring joy to my and my family's lives daily. Even though them going on to guide a blind person would have been one of the greatest things, I believe that these two, out of the six we raised were destined to be part of my life for longer than the 16 months. And boy am I happy that their little quirks caused them to be pets forever!

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