Monday, June 27, 2011

Subtle Shimmer

This weekend I got a surpsise package from my boyfriend with OPI's "Coney Island Cotton Candy" (a nail polish I have wanted for a very long time)! I immediately painted my nails with it, and for some pizzazz I added a purple/gold shimmer using the argyle design with plate M60. I loved the way it came out, but unfortunately forgot to take pictures :( So today when I went to paint my nails I wanted to see how the manicure worked with a different color! Red! I haven't painted my nails in red probably since Valentines day because I've been having so much fun with fun spring and summer colors! I used OPI's "Vodka & Caviar" as the main color with "A True Ab-Original" for the shimmer. What do you think of my red manicure with subtle shimmer?

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