Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Eyes Lips Face Haul and First Impressions!

How can anyone pass up a 60% off sale? Well I gave in and purchased plenty of items from e.l.f. that I have wanted for a long time! The shipping said it wasn't supposed to come until tomorrow, so when I saw it in the mail today I was more than excited! Here is what I got and some first impressions:
Studio blushes in "Pink Passion" and "Peachy Keen". Pink Passion is the brightest hot pink I have ever seen. It is completely matte (my only matte studio blush and I own 5). I have yet to wear this yet, but when swatched it seemed a bit chalky. It blended out to light pink though, so hopefully it's blendable and buildable. As for Peachy Keen, a gorgeous golden bronze peach with shimmer. This color appears to compliment any skin tone, and on top of that you can use it as a bronzer or a subtle highlight. I cannot wait to try this color!
I got the "Eyebrow Lifter and Filler" in "Ivory/Medium". I got this because it looked very similar to the NYX Eyebrow Push-Up Bra and Benefit High Brow but much cheaper. I don't own any eyebrow filling toold simply because I have very bushy eyebrows naturally and enhancing them even more makes me feel like I'm doing very avant garde makeup. The highlight pencil is very promising though. It has a creamy texture and easily blends out. The eyebrow pencil also has a creamy texture which may be too creamy for filling in brows. When I was swatching these I thought "these are going to be a pain to sharpen" until I reckoned that one of the caps has a built in sharpener! Great job e.l.f.!
If you saw my last Eyes Lips Face Haul and First Impressions you know that I tried a Matte Lip Color for the first time. That was in Coral and it was truly matte. This one is in Tea Rose and it's not quite as matte. Perhaps I still had a little lip balm on my lips, but regardless I love this color! My swatch is a little lighter than what it actually is, it's more of the color on the end of the product's packaging. A gorgeous berry mauve. The color is a little too dark for me in summer, but come fall and winter I can see myself wearing this a lot more.
Sine last summer when the trend was really hot I have wanted to wear a fully nude lip. I've had my eye on this Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph for an even longer time but never chose to get it. This time I just had to go for it, and unfortunately I am not that impressed. I know that a fully nude lip is hard to pull off without looking like "jizz lips", but this one made my whole face look pale and my lips look super chapped. I even put a gloss over it, but it just looked like a streaky mess. I'll keep trying different things and see if I can make it work!

The only brush I got was the Mineral Blending Eye Brush. I have needed a blending brush like this one. All others I've seen are a little too short, fluffy, dense, or any combination thereof which did not suit what I've needed. This one seems to be just perfect to blend out my crease and apply crease color! Plus I love that these brushes are eco-friendly!

The e.l.f. professional Nail Buffer and Cuticle Pushers are both repurchases. I use the nail buffer to smooth out my nails before I polish them and also to file them down. The cuticle pushers are great not only to push down and clean up your cuticles, but I use them to clean up extra polish as I paint my nails. The rubber side will swipe up any polish that drips to the skin.

I've read numerous great reviews for the Mineral Face Primer but when shopping on the e.l.f. website and you see a $6 product it registers in your mind as way expensive. You can get 6 eyeshadows for that! But when the 60% off sale came around I decided it was time to try this primer out. It is a clear primer that blends into your skin to create the smoothest feel. I can't stop feeling how smooth my hand is! I can't wait to try this on my face. The product claims to combat oily skin all day. We will see if it stands up to my skin!

I don't even know where to begin with these. The cream eyeliners are by far my favorite product from e.l.f. so when I saw that they added three new shades I just HAD to get them. The three new colors are "Teal Tease", "Punk Purple" and "Golden". When I opened Punk Purple I was so upset because it appeared to be dried out, but luckily it was only a little melted from shipping and still super creamy. All shades are super pigmented and all have slight shimmer, Teal Tease has a tad bit of glitter. I love how creamy and easy to apply all the cream eyeliners are and these appear to be no different. Soon I will be doing a full review of all the cream eyeliners so stay tuned!

Hope you guys liked my haul! What did you get during the 60% off sale?


  1. I got my Mineral Primer yesterday and wore it for the first time today. It feels great! I noticed that my makeup looked the same when I got home from work as it did when I left the house this morning. I bought it at 70% off!

  2. Great swatches and review! I have a few ELF brushes and they are great, and in my opinion just as good as brushes by MAC, or any expensive brushes. After reading this post I definitely want to try their products. I usually prefer to try on products before buying hence I haven't bought anything.

  3. Haha I wish I waited a day and got 70%, but I was scared things would sell out. And some Targets sell e.l.f. if you live in the US. You can't try it on first, but you can see the true colors because sometimes the products vary from the online picture.


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