Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day Mani!!

Happy Fourth of July!!!
I know I showed you all my Fourth of July manicure yesterday, but then I went to work (and considering I work at a kennel) and all my nails chipped! But that's okay cause it gave me an excuse to do another design!
I started out with Sally Hansen's "Baby Blue Crystal" Chrome Nail Makeup. I recently re-discovered this polish, and although its very pretty, its very hard to apply and avoid streaks. This was three coats.

On the tips of my nails I used Zoya's "Robyn" and OPI's "Vodka and Caviar". The large glitter chunks are from a polish I got ages ago at like Old Navy or CVS for a few bucks but it added the perfect sparkle for the holiday! 

My dogs were also feeling the Americana spirit today with their manicures and pedicures!

Iason had a cute pattern of red white and blue. His back paws carried on the pattern. Surprisingly he sat through the whole thing! Normally he jumps up and tries to run away after every nail.

Nibby has one paw white and the other blue with one toe on each being the accent red nail! His back paws were the alternating color.
Please note that I have been painting my dogs nails a few times a year since they were tiny puppies. Not only that but my dogs are very calm and will put up with me being all sorts of annoying to them. Painting dogs' toenails is not natural to them and if you believe your dog may not like it then by all means don't try.

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