Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner

Out of the hundred or so e.l.f. items I own, these are by far my favorite product! One day I was browsing the site during a sale and decided to buy two or so, never having tried a cream eyeliner. You can buy them on or here for $3.00 each. When I got them I struggled for a bit trying to apply them with the provided brush, until I finally bought a Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush. Applying these eyeliners with this brush is such an ease. They are all super creamy and pigmented, and you don't even need to set them with a powder!
Coffe, Black, Midnight
Coffee- A matte brown. This is my holy grail eyeliner. Black can be very harsh, so for everyday looks I use coffee. If you want it slightly darker apply a dark brown shadow over it.
Black- A matte black. This eyeliner is a very true black. It is just as easy to apply as all the others. It does not stain your eyelid, nor will it run down your face during the day.
Midnight- A matte navy. This color is also great when black is too harsh. It's a great color to use when doing a purple eye look because brown would sometimes clash. I also use this when I get tired of using brown every day.
Ivory- A shimmery white. This color is a perfect base for eyeshadows to make them pop. Using white as an eyeliner may be good for Halloween, but to use this eyeliner more than once a year you can put it over a primer as a shimmery base. I find it to be a little streaky, but with a little extra time it will blend out. These eyeliners are great to use as bases because they don't crease that readily!
Plum Purple- A shimmery dark purple. I wish that this color was matte, becuase it would be a perfect alternative to black like Coffee and Midnight pictured above. The shimmer is not vert noticable when applied, especially is you put a matte purple shadow over it.
Punk Purple- A shimmery purple. This is one of their newest colors so I haven't had very much play time with it. Swatched, it is a gorgeous purple, slightly lighter an Plum Purple. This color would also be great as a base!
Teal Tease- A shimmery teal with a hint of glitter. The glitter in this is super fine, and barely noticeable. I use this over the black and it is beautiful! Its a very unusual color, and perfect for summer.
Metallic Olive- A shimmery deep green. This color is also a great alternative to black. I love using this when I do a matte neutral eye. Its unexpected but at the same time very beautiful.
Golden- A true gold. This is also one of their newest shades so I haven't had time to experiment, but swatches it is a beautiful gold. This is going to be great as a base under a gold eyeshadow- gold is one of my favorite looks right now. I would also love this on the lower lashline for an extra pop.
Copper- A metallic copper. This is a very unusual color. It would bring out blue eyes, but still look great on anyone's neutral eye. One day I didn't put the cap back on tight, and a few weeks later I realized it had dried out a bit. But thankfully it is still usable even after a few weeks of being open!
Gunmetal- A shimmery dark silver. This one almost looks like steel on your eye. It's super pretty with a shimmery black shadow over it, a perfect night-time look.

These are all the colors e.l.f. currently offers. I really hope they come out with more because the quality of these products is so great and for $3, how can you not love them? Have you tried these? What is your favorite color?

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