Friday, July 1, 2011

Funkey Dunkey and Crackle

Today I tried out OPI's Funkey Dunkey. It was a little hard to apply, but that could also be because I chose not to use a Ridge Filler knowing that I would be using the Silver Crackle and all mistakes could be hidden. The color is a dark purple creme. It is nothing spectacular but I don't have a color like it so for me it was worth it.
To make my nails a little less dark and a little more summery I added a coat of Silver Shatter. I really like how it shattered this time leaving large bits of purple showing.


  1. Love the silver and purple combination! From what I've read, the thinner the coat of shatter, the more it cracks. I'm anxious to try it myself.

    Awesome swatches!

  2. I'll have to try this combo! I used Silver Shatter with Planks a Lot and the purple was slightly lighter.


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